DAMAGE CONTROL .....The Real Games Begin When The Lights Go Out!

DAMAGE CONTROL is by far the most daring book ever published about the off-the-field exploits of professional athletes – from the sexual escapades to their abuse of steroids and drugs. It is a powerful account of the dark side abyss that too many professional athletes fall prey to, aware of the consequences, yet still thinking they can beat them. DAMAGE CONTROL reads like a print version of such controversial sports films as North Dallas Forty, On Any Given Sunday and the ESPN television series Playmakers – if they were all wrapped up into one true exposé, told with ferocity and vividness you will never forget. In fact, there is an indie film being produced around the book. This book is raw and gritty - it may be too horrifying for many readers, but it is what it is – astonishingly adventurous and explorative, leaving readers to gasp and cringe, yet nod at its reality. No other book so thoroughly covers the lives of professional athletes off the field and the subculture where an enclave of ruthless people lurks, hoping to suck the rich and naïve athletes in for a quick con job. This book brings the reader face-to-face with an abyss that gives VIP privilege to professional athletes in the entrance and nightmarish hell on the exit. WARNING: Explicit language! This is for adults only! Although this book may be darkly entertaining, it is NOT meant for entertainment but really to articulate in a vivid exposé how these shocking but real life stories are played out, and to provide various preventive measure to try ones' best to not fall prey to this seedy back story of their lives and those of their families.

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